Why does the world need retroIT.ro website, “The RetroIT and CPU Collection” and other similar collections and websites?

For most of us, computing is an everyday part of life: computers, laptops, smartphones, Smart TVs and now with IoT (Internet of Things) almost every object we have in our homes is a “smart” one. And while the youngest people only know the technology of the present the oldest of us remember the dawn of the technology era. It was an amazing era. So i think its like a holy mission for me, for us, to try to save as much as possible and to show them to public. For some to remember , for some to be amazed.

That’s why we created this collection: to save the history, to show it to people by organizing exhibitions. And for people from all over the world we created this website so they could find out information and pictures about vintage computers and components.

The collection is a private and non-comercial and requires almost all my time and money. This website is a collective effort, i am helped by volunteers with building the website, taking photos of the items, social media and other things.

If you think our mission is a mission you support, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to our work. A donation could be anything: maybe a retro computer, maybe some CPUs, some vintage boards and maybe some money. Please don’t forget that we are from Romania, so shipping heavy stuff might cost more than the object. We have friends in USA and UK that can receive parcels for us, so in these 2 countries we can receive even heavier stuff like vintage computers and laptops.

Thank you all.

Marcus Florin a.k.a Cedrik, the founder of “RetroIT & CPU Collection” and retroIT.ro

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