Microtim este un calculator personal romanesc, o clona neoficiala Spectrum ZX. A fost dezvoltat de Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara si produs la Fabrica de Memorii Timisoara.


Detalii tehnice:

Nume MicroTim
Producator   IPTVT (Traian Vuia Polytechnical Institute)
Tip   Home Computer
Tara   Romania
An  1986
Sfarsit productie   early 90
Tastatura   Strange keyboard. 40 keys. Functions & statements labeled next to the keys
CPU   Z80 clone
Viteza  2 MHz, later improved to 3.5 MHz in the TimS
RAM   32, 64 or 128 KB
ROM   16+4 KB BIOS, later improved to 32+4
Mod text   32 columns x 24 lines
Mod Grafic   None, text mode only
Culori 8
Sunet   1 voice
Porturi I/O Power in, parallel port, serial port, cassette interface, RGB video output, RF TV output, expansion port
Alimentare   External power supply
Pret  About 18,000 lei ($900)


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