Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

The TI-99/4 series holds the distinction of being the first 16-bit personal computer. The TI-99/4A has a 16-bit TMS9900 CPU running at 3.0 MHz



TI 99/4A este un calculator personal lansat in 1981 in Statele Unite. Este o versiune imbunatatita a modelului 99/4 care a fost lansat in 1979.

Acest calculator este primul calculator personal pe 16 bits, construit in jurul procesorului TMS9900 CPU ce rula la 3.0 MHz. Toate modelele TI 99 au support plug and play pentru periferice, avand driverele incorporate in memoria Rom, astfel incat era suficienta doar conectarea lor la calculator.

Au fost create aprox. 100 de jocuri pentru acest calculator, majoritatea fiind publicate de firma Texas Instruments.

In cel mai bun moment al vanzarilor, acest model detinea aporox. 35% din piata de calculatoare din USA.

Detalii tehnice:

Nume TI 99 / 4A
Producator Texas Instruments
Tip   Home Computer
Tara U.S.A.
An 1981
Sfarsit productie   1984
Tastatura QWERTY full-stroke keyboard, 48 keys, 2 x SHIFT, CTRL, ALPHA LOCK, FCTN
CPU   TI TMS 9900 (with 256 bytes ‘cache’, actually it accesses to 256 bytes of RAM)
Viteza   3,3 MHz
CO-PROCESSOR   TMS 9918 (TMS 9929 in Europe) – Video / Sprite
RAM   16 KB – Memory expansion card can be added : 4 KB or 32 KB (up to 52 KB)
VRAM   16 KB
ROM   26 KB  : 8 KB ROM connected to the CPU + 18 KB ROM in byte-serial bit-mapped circuits
Mod text   32 x 24 (16 colors), 40 x 24 (2 colors)
Mod grafic   Multicolor mode : 48 x 64 with 16 colors , 256 x 192 with 16 colors (only accesed via machine code) , Sprites (only with TI-Extended Basic)
Culori 16
Sunet  3 channels, 5 octaves (110hz to 55khz) and 1 noise channel (periodic and white)
Dimensiuni   38 x 25,5 x 6 cm / 2,15 kg
PorturiI/O Tape interface, RGB video, Joystick (2), cartridge slot (Solid State Cartridge)
Sistem operare TI’s own system, but a p-code card could be added, which gave access to the UCSD p-system and a Pascal compiler.
Alimentare Special TI external PSU (pins 1,2 : 16v / 1,6A — pins 2,4 : 8v / 0,15A)
Pret £99 (UK, 1983)